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Nov - Dec 2021



A fast-growing startup needed to launch its web-page where users can afford to buy, send and receive cryptocurrency. The most critical requirement is to have a user-friendly design which is outstanding by its look and feel. Make user experience related to crypto operations more innovative, functional and clean.


Bitnet is a crypto market allowing users to send, receive, exchange and trade cryptocurrency. It makes easier to buy crypto assets using local and foreign currency. Track and manage 6 crypto coins in one platform with live news and updates in crypto world.


- Limited period of time

- Absence of a complete brief

- No time for a complete UX research

Bitnet mockup.jpg


I was my first project dedicated to Crypto and Blockchain field. At the first glance, it was difficult to me to manage complex tasks in a simple way.

A client needed a simplified version for users who are just working in this field. What’s more, I wanted to get away from standard boring design and introduce some fun and cheerful elements.

Bitnet pages.png

In the revised version, you witness loan calculator block takes 2nd position as long as stakeholders consider it as the most important part of the web. Moreover, 3 sliders were removed and summary box has been increased significantly.

Now the design really begins to take shape: the actual text is used, colors are applied, and images are added. This mockup shows a visual that gives a better idea of the final design.

The design is fully developed and gives a complete picture of the completed design. It addresses the user’s needs for a simple, yet engaging and uncluttered design.


Unlike other projects, I conducted only a competitive analysis that encompassed direct competitors in the country and worldwide. I took a look at the user flow of the following online loan platforms and observed how their interactions meet user needs. This process included videotaping of specific flow and its analysis.

Low-fi wireframes.png
hi-fi wireframes.png

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