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Feb - Jul 2022

KYC Survey


During completion of the task bank had 86K clients of such type whose data should be updated at the end of May 2022. If clients fail to provide the bank with updated information bank services become unavailable for them. My assignment was to come with a questionnaire/survey that enables clients to provide with an updated information and avoid client loss.


My first task was at the BOG was to come up with a survey dedicated to KYC reinforcement. In compliance with regulation of the National Bank of Georgia, any commercial bank has to know its client and is obliged to provide with updated information from certain type of clients.


I divided survey completion process in 4 stages:

● Identity data - We need 3 types of information: legal address, actual address and citizenship.

● Current activity - employed, personal business, self-employed, unemployed, retired;

● Origin of property - user indicates an origin, where he\she gets property from: real estate, inheritance, gift, profited gained from enterprise;

● Origin of income - personal savings, dividend, wage, sale of real estate, etc.

New ppt.png



Come up with easy user-friendly flow for 2 user categories: IOS and Android. Given the fact that IOS user can also have apple pay we had to manage separate unique flow for them.


I decided to combine every single step in 1 screen. To the maximum extent, restrict numbers of action sheets, scrolling elements and multiple taps by users. With this in mind, user should have every single element in 1 screen rather then jumping back and forth.


● Fixed period of time -  2 weeks in total;

● Constant iteration process - has been drafted up to 15 variants of the start page;

● Limited in BOG Design System - Design team is advised to stay within the frames of DS and avoid come up new components in Figma. 

Travel card screen.png


Tbilisi City Hall has introduced 6 travel card categories: 1 day, 1 week, 1 months, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. In order to simplify travel and avoid carrying multiple cards the BOG decided the unite bank card and travel card in 1 simple card having multiple functions: travel and financial.

Unified screens.png


There are many factors to be considered:

● Limited period of time; 

● 4 errors types;

● Limited in BOG Design System;

● High number of iterations;

QR Withdrawal


Users can withdraw cash from an ATM without a bank card using only QR code. Withdrawal is a secure action because the user is by biometric identification attached to the mobile app and additional one-time password which the user receives on mobile.  

Process is contactless where the user does not touch the ATM. It’s totally managed from the mobile app. 


User scans the QR code attached to the ATM following selection of an account. Afterwards came currency and amount selection ended by confirmation. 

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