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Mar - May 2023



- Absence of dedicated platform for event connections;
- Challenges in staying updated with industry trends;
- Difficulties in expanding network;

- Inconsistent branding


This goal was to provides a solution by offering event professionals a centralized hub where they can connect with like-minded individuals, share valuable advice, and seek answers to their queries.


This community welcomes individuals who are currently involved in or have future plans to engage in event organization and planning. It caters to a diverse range of professionals, including but not limited to CMOs, CHROs, field marketers, and aspiring event experts. Regardless of your specific professional background, if you are actively engaged in event planning or aspire to become an event professional, this community is the perfect fit for you.

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By providing a platform that fosters connections, advice sharing, and question asking, our free Slack community addresses the specific needs of event professionals. It empowers them to grow their network, enhance their skills, find solutions to challenges, and stay updated in a rapidly evolving industry. Join our community today and leverage the power of collective expertise to thrive in your event planning journey.

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