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Tatoama Studio




Jul - Aug 2023



- Balancing Visual Appeal with Usability;
- Gamification without Overwhelming;
- Accessibility Considerations;

- Onboarding and User Education


Goals for a tattoo salon loyalty program should focus on creating a seamless, enjoyable, and engaging experience for both program members and the salon's management. By setting and achieving these UI/UX goals, the tattoo salon can create a loyalty program that not only attracts and retains customers but also provides a delightful and memorable experience that aligns with the brand's values.


Tatiana studio loyalty program is a structured marketing strategy designed to reward and retain loyal customers who frequent the salon for tattoo services. This type of program aims to encourage repeat business, increase customer satisfaction, and build a stronger relationship between the salon and its clients.

It can foster a sense of community among customers, increase brand loyalty, and contribute to the overall success of the salon by driving repeat business and referrals.

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