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TBC Bank


Research, Interactions


Nov 2020 - Jan 2021


TBC Challenge


1) Create an easy-to-understand user behavior.
2) Explore user needs.
3) Create a product that would give users a comfortable, intuitive way to connect with the bank


The current web page of the TBC Bank lacks having a unique consistency. It requires enhancing both user experience and user interface, which will significantly improve its Usability. The most important in this work was to provide my vision, and outline of an alternate model. How they are going to simplify the lives of our customers.



I followed the User-Centered Design process to investigate how users want to improve user experiences based on their preferences. Letting user research be my guide, I brainstormed and designed multiple solutions. I then tested my ideas via usability tests and developed a high-fidelity interactive prototype based on my findings.



During the research phase, I aimed to explore the motivations and pain points of the users around the product. As my project is about enhancing user experience in terms of banking services, it was very important to understand my participants' issues when trying to achieve these goals.

One of the ways was to learn about behavior patterns when the users tried to order credit cards. I conducted 6 user interviews and sent surveys to 15 participants that helped me dig deeper into "why" reasons and several insights.

After collecting the outcomes from the user interviews and surveys, I conducted affinity mapping to synthesize the pains identified. I grouped these problems under common themes and features for the landing page.




A good interface should not be explained. If you have to explain your interface, there is probably room for improvement.

A good interface works as a connection between product/project and user and makes clear what is shared.

Users don't need much time to find orientate themselves.

Product should support the users and the company’s goal.

The product should require as low cognitive effort as possible to use.

The product should achieve one or multiple goals. Convert visitors into customers.



Name: Mariam

Age: 35

Occupation: Event manager


Name: Sandro

Age: 23

Occupation: Finansist

Mariam is a hard-working event manager. She uses the TBC bank web page to screen new offers and propositions. offering new and used cards. Her goal is to increase business efficiency, save time, and improve customer satisfaction.

Sandro is a student studying finances. He is interested in starting working in the bank and checks web-page whether there is some useful information about career establishment. For this reason, he would love to gain information about the bank’s achievements and reputation.


Before diving deep into specific designs, I enhanced the current information architecture to help my stakeholders visualize the main screens and features. I decided to categorize products and make them into easier digestible pieces: cards, loans, deposits, transfers, etc.

IA TBC bank.png

Don’t trust your first idea. I spent days brainstorming about what design pattern I should choose, and if I was to have settled my first idea, that design pattern would’ve never come to life. The right idea will come.

It won’t always come when you expect it, but you have to trust the process and trust that it will always work out in the end. I am so incredibly proud of this project and thanks for taking the time to see my thought process, iterations, and concepts.


Once I knew what the main screens would be, I divided them into several sections.

Eventually, when the screens were in a more stable state, I started to bring them in low-fidelity format. Have used the following testing models: Guerilla (aka "hallway") usability test and remote usability test.

Here are some of the initial sketches and wireframes:

TBC red hi-fi.png
TBC red low-fi.png

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